Dance Stronger is available by donation

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of Dec 6th 2016, the complete resource- book and training program, is no longer available by donation. The ebook, however, is. The reason this has changed is due to the amount of work that went into creating the program and the volume of $0 donations. There is this thing where if we don’t attribute a value to something, we tend not to take is seriously and follow through. I would love every single person to follow through with the Dance Stronger program, and so, putting a fixed price on it is something I will try going forward. This may change in the future. Thank you for understanding.

Dance Stronger is a 290 page ebook aiming to share a philosophy on supplementary training and self-care to support dancers, whether they aspire to perform professionally, or simply to enjoy dancing recreationally without aches, pains, and injuries.

Keep in mind, the ebook available by donation does not come with the Dance Stronger training program. If you would like to sign-up for the complete program with the ebook, please go HERE.


Not sure how much to donate?

Are you a struggling artist with no more than a few dollars to your name? No worries. Please give what you can. I know that many dancers don’t have a huge budget, but I also know that they desperately need a the information to help them survive, no, thrive.

The most popular donation amount is $5. If this were a hard-cover book, I would ask for $25-30. But I want you to pay what you can.

By making access to the Dance Stronger ebook pay-what-you-can, I know that some of you will opt for the minimum possible amount, and please don’t feel bad about that. I’m counting on those of you who are able will donate a little extra to help “buy” the program for dancers who can only spare five dollars.


Where does my donation money go?

Your donation will be used to help subsidize the rates for my in-person dance students (you know, they don’t have a huge budget to invest in their bodies…)

It also allows me to cover the costs of host Dance Stronger on this site, attend as many continuing education seminars as humanly possible, and continue to update the book and program to help more dancers around the world. A hard copy of Dance Stronger is in the works for 2018.

What’s most important is that dancers have accessibility to training and information. Your support helps more dancers get the tools to succeed (some of whom spend their loan money to train with me).

So while I encourage you to be generous, I also don’t want you to feel bad if all you can pay is $5, because what’s most important to me is that you have the tools that allow you to become the best dancer you can be, and to dance pain-free, for as long as your heart desires.



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After donating you will be redirected to a page where you can download the ebook.  If you don’t get redirected or find an email from me (maybe in your junk?) after donating, please email me and I’ll sort you out.

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