Dance Stronger Teacher Training Workshop

Strategies for dance teachers to nurture well-rounded, sustainable dancing.

Get the tools to integrate breath control, movement quality, and strength development into your classes and help your students flourish


October 3, 2016 10am-2pm

Sound in Motion Studio, 1444 Glenora Dr, London, ON (

$100 (including HST)

Space limited to 10 participants

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A well-rounded dance teacher = sustainable, well rounded dancing

With the quickly rising physical demands of dance, we aim to support dance teachers in providing their students a well-rounded education that will keep them dancing in a sustainable way. Based on concepts and exercises from the Dance Stronger book and training program, the Dance Stronger Teacher Training Workshop introduces you tools that will enhance your skill set and help your dance students reach their potential safely:

  • Identify breathing discord and optimize breath for dance performance and recovery
  • How to track your students’ progress and recovery with outcome measures
  • Understanding the elements of effective core training
  • Discussion on foot mechanics and exercises to integrate the foot and ankle with the whole body
  • Simple movement assessments to easily implement throughout the school year
  • Strategies for integrating strength training into dance class
  • Understanding over-training and recovery strategies
  • Empower dancers take ownership of their needs, reach their potential, and dance for life

Workshop includes movement sessions, lectures, and print course material.

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Course Instructors

Monika Volkmar BFA CSCS
A graduate of Ryerson university’s dance performance program, the creator of Dance Stronger, a strength and conditioning specialist, Thai massage practitioner, and founder of The Dance Training Project. Monika’s passion is for helping the dance world experience that strength training is actually useful, with a particular interest in optimizing breathing, and movement quality as a foundation. Monika is also co-founder of CAPE Movement workshops, helping human beings explore honest movement and develop their own movement practice. Monika has presented and taught workshops at the Healthy Dancer Canada conference in 2013 and 2014,  at 2016 at the Canadian Dance Expo, and at York University, and will presenting several movement sessions at the 2016 International Association for Dance Medicine and Science conference in October 2016 in Hong Kong.

Bizz (Elizabeth) Varty BFA
A dancer, dance teacher, and yoga and pilates teacher with a passion for the art of movement and the science of human motion. She has studied dance for more than 20 years, and began teaching when she was only 17. Her interest in fitness began at a young age and has been practicing Yoga and Pilates for over a decade. While completing her Honours BFA in Dance at York University she studied Choreography, Dance Science and Kinesiology, Dance and Sports Injuries as well as Educational and Developmental Psychology. Bizz’s ongoing education in the science and art of movement, combined with her history with personal injuries, has given her a healthy respect for fitness basics and a wealth of knowledge on pain management and rehabilitation. She has extensive experience adapting exercises for people with injuries and mobility issues, allowing them to enjoy the full benefits of mind-body fitness.