What is Dance Stronger?

Dance Stronger is currently in trial mode, and will be available in August (probably…)

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Dance Stronger is a book and training program for dancers who want to get stronger, dance better, and prevent injuries.

It’s a complete(ly awesome) multimedia guide to developing dance-specific strength.

Not only that, but you join a community of other dancers who’ve taken ownership of their need to develop the strength, mobility, and awareness they to truly excel at their art.

Dance Stronger is a reflection on the many ways the dance industry can fail to educate us on the WHY behind crucial pieces of information that can make or break our careers, that generally not explained in dance classes.

It goes beyond the corrections you’re given in class and explains HOW to apply them reflexively through supplementary training, without excess strain.

The powerful trifecta of conceptual reading, guided application, and community support, I believe Dance Stronger will help you overcome limitations in your dancing, and give you the tools to keep progressing, no matter your age or level.


Monika Volkmar BFA, CSCS, NKT